Beyond Flesh and Blood


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BEYOND FLESH AND BLOOD IS A FAST-PACED, GORY 3RD-PERSON MECH SHOOTER, SET IN THE UK CITY OF MANCHESTER. Ethan is one of Earth’s last few good men in the United Global Remnant forces (UGR) following a series of global disasters. After failing his pilot test and years in orbit on survivor ark Astralis, he finally returns to Earth. Mechs and drones rule what's left. The only way back is through the mind-powered VR on board, controlling these huge, clearance level mechs which hover in pods above the planet. But with the UGR, there are truths, and there are lies. What does safe really mean on such a broken planet? Guess you'll just have to find out... Beyond Flesh and Blood imagines the worst of humanity in an incredibly gory, dystopian future and the ultimate in military and space technology.

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